October 26, 2021

Importance of girl worship.

Kanya Pujan

The law of worshiping girl in Hinduism is of great importance and welfare. Worship is done to the male form of nature and the Supreme Soul, God is the nature of the male nature. Man and woman are the same.
Many goddesses have been born and known in female form. The names of Sita, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati, Durga and Radha are particularly noteworthy.
There is no holy festival which is not fulfilled by the divine happiness. There are descriptions of all the festivals in them. He has pride in pilgrimages too.
Virgo is celebrated to please them. Afterwards there is a feast and a feast.
In Navratri also the same reference and contribution holds humanity. After the pilgrimage or after any ritual, the girl becomes the object of importance, she is celebrated and fed first. The Shakti sect says that this is the worship of Shakti. Its melodiousness, virginity and beauty-rich power are worshipped.
This divinity is found in him. One who is pure, clean, hypocritical and generous. This too is found only in a worthy girl, considering it according to this Jagdamba, seeing a glimpse of its imitation in it, worship the girl.
Parvati Sarvamangala, having many divine qualities, incarnates in that girl. Seeing this form of water, the curses and sins of water are cut, all the desires of the mind are fulfilled. And you get what you want. In a way, only the supernatural form of superpower is included there.
Many texts based on Tantra-Vidya and Shakti, glorify this girl’s worship, glorify her identity. The same form appears.
That is why we salute that girl like Jagdamba. It is a great virtue to welcome them when called upon. Dharma is there and liberation is the ultimate force of achievement. The power (of the girl) of all the deities is the community that has the form. And the goddess who has pervaded the whole world with her power, worshiped by all the gods and sages, or that Jagdamba girl, we salute with devotion. May they do good to us.
That’s why girl worship is necessary. By doing this, misery and poverty are destroyed, Kanya worship is goddess worship. Forms are obtained from this worship.
It is written in the Maha Nirman Tantra –“Kumari bhojita yentrilokyam ten bhojim tam.