October 26, 2021

Importance of Havan and worship method of Jwalamukhi Devi.

Havan Puja

In Hinduism, Havan and Puja are of more importance and virtue to the scholar. No ceremony is successful without a Havan and the main Havan of the deity has a meaning. Its legislation and method have been described smoothly in our Puranas and with analysis in religious texts and Veda Sutras. Its fruits are obtained quickly in pilgrimages, in addition to the rituals, the holy and rituals are fulfilled in the holy havans of the festivals and pilgrimages. It is not necessary and necessary that monolithic Havan should be done, huge Havan or Maurya should do small Havan also done with reverence devotion and gives more results than attacks.
It is written in Jalandhar Mahatma “Ayaraat Laksh Homen Yatfilm Samvappate. Jwalamukhi Tu Vidhi Vid Dashahuti Homatah.”That is, the fruit that is obtained by performing Lakshhuti Havan in other places. Shri Jwalamukhi has to offer 10 offerings, so peace is expected. By doing this, the mother is soon pleased.
There are many principles and undertakings of worship and worship. There are laws. Nav religious comes under this worship, then in a nutshell its three types are prominent –
(1) – Gand, flower, incense, lamp and Neveda are done with this method, the name of this method is Panchmodwar.
(2) – Padya, Achaman, bathing sandalwood, gum, incense, flowers, lamps, naivedya The name of this worship is Desopachar.
(3) – Similarly, the name of the third method is Shodasochar, in which there are postures, welcome, padya, ashwaman, honeypark, bath, clothes, ornaments, sandalwood, other, flowers, incense, lamp, naivedya, salutation etc.
By performing such selfless worship, one becomes free from the bondage of movement. The duality falls. Tatvamasi (You are the same) adopts the spirit – like Kabir, his soul says –
Your Sai as Puhupan I reside in you.
As soon as the musk deer smells the grass again.
In fact, the inner light is always there. The inner light that is Brahma, which is always illumined in the human soul, if we turn towards it, then the feeling of duality gets destroyed.