October 26, 2021

Story of King Chandradev, the Bhagat of Jwalamukhi Devi.

चंडी देवी

Maharaj Chandradev of Jammu was a great philanthropist and donor. Thousands of poor people had come here to eat their daily food. The king had no shortage of anything, he did not have any children, that was the only sorrow.

One day Raja Rani went to Haridwar to take a bath in the Ganges. Then there he met Mahatma Hansdev ji. Mahatma was Antaryami. Knowing the sorrow of the king, he said, Rajan, if you perform a yagna of Chandi Devi, then you can get a child.

After coming back following the orders of Mahatma ji, he got Chandi Yagya done. By the grace of Mother Chandi, she had a girl child in the same year, she was named Chandrabhaga. In the second year they also had a son who was named Chandrasheel. When the girl was young, she was married to the prince of Maheshpur.

After some time, when Chandrasheel was married, Mahatma Hansdev ji also came to Jammu. At the same time, seeing the forehead of Princess Chandrabhaga, he said that she would become a widow on the seventh day, on which all the relatives fell at the feet of Mahatma ji and started asking for remedies. Hansdev ji said that here is the abode of Mata Vaishno Devi on Trikuta mountain. If he has mercy then death can be averted. Just a week later, Prince Santakar died when a doll of a tree fell on his head, mourning spread all around.

Then Chandrabhaga vowed that till Vaishno Devi would not revive her husband. Till then she would not eat food, after which she also got her husband’s body kept safe. 9 days passed to Chandrabhaga while remaining fast, on the tenth day the goddess appeared pleased and asked to ask for a boon.

On this Devi revived Shantakumar. So Chandrabhaga asked for a boon that the goddess should reside in his kingdom till the ages. A temple has been built in its memory in Wazirabad, situated on the banks of Chenab, and the travelers get the desired results after seeing the mother.