October 26, 2021

Arrival of some historical persons at Jwalamukhi Temple.

ज्वालामुखी देवी मंदिर

Aurangzeb – A symbol of the vision of the Mughal state of nature, when the emperor Aurangzeb caused havoc by demolishing Hindu temples on the way from Delhi to Punjab like a storm and storm. When reached Kangra and heard that the temple of Jwalamukhi Devi is huge and miraculous. So he did another plan to neglect and humiliate her. His army tried to destroy him after getting the orders of that demon, but his audacity did not succeed. The courage of his army was defeated. It is said that the muhal flies came out in lakhs from inside the temple and she got stuck to them. The army fled from the temple distraught and did not dare to go there again. Aurangzeb in his mind worshiped Maiya and accepted her miracle.
General Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa –It is said that when the ruler of Punjab was Punjab Kesari Ranjit Singh, his general was Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa. These were very famous warriors and mighty souls, everyone used to worship in his name, his lava was worshipped. Wherever it went, there was an outcry. He was not defeated by anyone. Once he also went to Kangra and after reaching there got the head of Goddess Jwalamukhi Mata renovated. Donated a lot.
His name is recorded in the book of the temple there. And his charity and devout heart is still showing today. In the book itself, his signature is inscribed for his tax, which shows that the glory of this temple is very unique and the rest.
Maharaja Ranjit Singh –Punjab Kesari Ranjit Singh ji also came to Kangra to see his mother. And upon reaching there, he also bowed his head by going to the temple. Showed faith, devotion and loyalty. It is said that the umbrella was made of gold. They are singing their praises made of Kalash and Kanchan and are telling that Punjab Kesari Raja Ranjit Singh also visited this holy temple. had come to visit. There are many such huge articles on which his signature is engraved. The story of their devotion is telling and telling. That the temple of Goddess Jwalamukhi is very holy, majestic and revered.
Kunwar Naunihal Singh –Raja of Punjab was a liberal and atheist king like Ranjit Singh. So was his grandson Naunihal Singh ji. The story of their devotion and devotion is well known. Historians write that they had also come to Kangra to see the goddess Jwalamukhi to see the mother. He worshiped for many days. He did kirtan, had a great feast and started dancing himself in the wave of devotion. Many soulful style pictures are also found in his books while dancing and worshiping. It was he who got the doors of the Singh gate made of silver. Which is still safe in the temple. Seeing whose art one has to drown in wonder.