October 26, 2021

Significance of Ganga Dussehra, Story of Ganga Dussehra.


Jeshtha Shukla Dashami is called Ganga Dussehra. The law of this fast is described in Skanda Purana and the story of Gangavataran in Valmiki Ramayana etc. The glory of Ganga ji is immense. From the point of view of new health benefits from the religious point of view, bathing in the Ganges and drinking of Ganga water are healthy. What is the knowledge of the Mahatma of Ganga ji by all the sages and sages, this day has been considered as the mouth of Samvatsara. In this, one should bathe and donate in the Ganges, if there is no facility of bathing in the Ganges, then one should take a bath in any river. Milk, Batase net, Roli, Molly, Rice, Coconut, Incense, Worship should be done with lamp and dakshina. If there is a Monday and Hasta Nakshatra on the tenth day of Jishta Shukla, then this guest is going to destroy all the sins. On this date, on Wednesday, in the Hasta Nakshatra, Ganga ji had incarnated on the ground floor. That is why this date is considered to be a great virtuous festival, in which 10 sins are absolved by offering bath and offering. Hence it was named Dussehra. The story of Gangavataran is as follows –
The story of Ganga Dussehra – In
ancient times, King Sagar of Ayodhya had two queens, Keshni and Sumati, Keshni’s son’s name was Asmanjas and grandson’s name was Anshuman, Sumati had sixty thousand sons. All of them were protecting the horse of Ashwamedha of Maharaja Sagara. Because of his mistake, the horse was stolen by someone, due to which he doubted Kapil Dev Muni. Due to which Kapil Dev Muni got angry and consumed them all with his penance. After that looking for them.
When Anshuman reached Kapil Dev’s ashram, Mahatma Garuda said that your sixty thousand uncles have been consumed by the curse of Kapil Dev Muni due to his misbehavior. If you want their salvation, bring here Gangaji from heaven. Earthly water cannot save them. Therefore, his action should be done in the name of Gangaji, the elder daughter of the mountain king Himalaya. At this time, take a horse and complete the sacrifice of your grandfather. Later to do the industry of bringing Gangaji to the earth level. Anshuman reached Sagar’s Yagya place with a horse and narrated all the stories to his grandfather.
After improving the heaven of Maharaj Sagar, the ministers placed Anshuman on the throne, after getting the kingdom, Anshuman got special sacrifice and fame, as well as his son Dilip also became very majestic by the grace of the Lord.
King Anshuman granted his worthy son Dilip the kingdom for years and himself went to the mountain to do penance. After doing penance, his body was complete. But he could not bring Gangaji to this world. With the passage of time, Dilip Arbi was determined to bring his son Bhagirath to the kingdom and bring Gangaji himself. He also did it throughout his life but failed to bring Gangaji, Maharaj Dilip’s son Bhagiratha was also very majestic and pious. He wanted too. If a child is born, then by handing over the kingdom to him, he himself should be engaged in the task of bringing Ganga ji to this world. He did not get a child even till he attained maturity from Devyog. Then he went to Gokarna pilgrimage to bring his royal ministers to Sambhavna and Gangaji himself and started doing penance, he conquered the senses and started Panchagni penance.

He kept his arms towards the sky. And used to eat only once in a month. By doing such hard penance. Many years passed to him, Brahmaji was satisfied with this immense austerity of his. And came to them with the gods and said that Rajan! I am very happy since this difficult of yours. You ask for your wish.
King Bhagirath praised Brahma ji with folded hands and said, O God! If you really have this question. So give it to Gangaji for the salvation of sixty thousand sons of Maharaj Sagar. Without Gangaji, they cannot be liberated. Apart from this, till date no king has been childless from this Isvaku dynasty, so give me the boon of one child also. Prajapati Brahma ji, hearing the king’s humility, said that a son who will illuminate your clan will get a gem. And Ganga ji will go to earth to save Sagar’s sons. But no one has the power to hold Vedavati Ganga ji except Shiva ji. Therefore, please please Shivaji, saying this, Brahma ji along with the deities went to his world. And while leaving, Gangaji was ordered that for the salvation of Sagar sons, you would have to go to Bhulok.
On the orders of Brahma ji, Maharaj Bhagirath started worshiping Mahadev ji standing on one toe of his feet. After one year, Mahadev gave a boon. That I will definitely wear Ganga on my head. It is written in the Puranas that the stream of Ganga ji as it merged into the hair of Mahadevji. That when God took the form of Vamana and asked for alms to King Bali and measured the whole earth with three steps. And heard that Brahmaji had filled the feet of Lord Vamana in his kamandalu. His name was Ganga, that is why Gangaji is also called Vishnu Padod Bhava.
While coming from Brahmalok, Ganga ji had arrogance in her mind that I would go to Hades after breaking Mahadev ji’s hair. Mahadev ji spread his jute jute in such a way that even after many years, Gangaji could not find a way out of the jute. King Bhagiratha again worshiped Mahadev Shankar, then Shivaji was pleased and left Gangaji in Bindusara, a pond built by Brahma in the Himalayas. At that time there were currents with Ganga ji.
Among them three streams namely Nandini, Pavani and Nalini flowed east from Bindusara. And these three rivers, Suchasu, Sita and Indus, flowed in the west direction. The seventh stream followed Bhagirath and used to go on the divine chariot to Maharaj Bhagirath. And Gangaji was walking behind his chariot.
There was a great uproar when Gangaji came to the earth’s surface. Where Gangaji used to come out. There the beauty of the land there used to be unique. On the way, Mahatma Jarah Ashram used to fall in the path of Gangaji. He was doing penance in his ashram. When Gangaji came out from them, they drank the entire Gangaji, the gods, seeing this scene, praised Mahatma Zara and prayed to him to release Gangaji for the welfare of the world. Jarah removed Gangaji’s stream from his ear, since then Gangaji was the daughter of Mahatma Jarah, Kahlai and her name was also known as Jahabi.
With such things, Gangaji reached the ashram of Kapil Muni, purifying many places. Where the ashes of sixty thousand sons of Maharaj Sagar were piled up. He became free as soon as he touched the Ganges water. At the same time, Brahma ji appeared there, he was very pleased and said to Bhagirath that you have done extraordinary penance. And through you Sagar’s 60000 sons have also been freed. Your name has also become immortal. Gangaji’s name will also be Bhagirathi in your own name. Who will always remember you. Now go to Ayodhya and follow the people with righteousness and policy. Saying this, Brahmaji went to Brahmaloka, King Bhagirath also became successful after coming to Ayodhya and started ruling. By the boon of Brahma, he got a son. And after enjoying the state full of glory, in the end Baikunth straight.