October 26, 2021

When and how Somavati Amavasya happens, importance of Somavati Amavasya Vrat Katha.

सोमवती अमावस्या

As you know that on Amavasya, every month’s merit is given, but whenever Amavasya falls on Monday, then this date has been known to give infinite results. Amavasya read on Monday is called Somvati Amavasya, fasting on this day has great importance in our scriptures. There are many fruits of bathing in the Ganges. After bathing, read or listen to the story given below, by listening and reading it, one gets the fruits of the three worlds.
Somvati Amavas Vrat Story
After the war of Mahabharata was over, when Shri Bhishma Pitamah ji was lying on Saiya, then Maharaja Yudhishthira appeared in his service and asked him – Kuruvansh and other kings were killed at the hands of Bhima army and Arjuna due to the devious policy of Lord Duryodhana. Our clan will be destroyed by leaving. And there has been no other king in the world except the elderly, in this Bharatvarsh we are only five brothers and children. Therefore, it does not suit the Kshatriya kingdom and because of the death of the child, one remains very sad and sad. And the womb of Uttara which was destroyed by Ashwatthama’s weapon, because of this my misery has not been overcome.
Father! You tell me, what should we do and where should we go? So that we can get the child soon.
On this Shri Bhishma Pitamah said – ‘Rajan’! I now say that which is the best fast of all fasts. By observing this fast, Chiranjeevini child is obtained. When there is a new moon containing Monday, then one should worship Shri Janardan by going under the Peepal tree and taking the fruit of 108 rattan or metal pots, one should circumambulate that tree, O king! Lord Shri Vishnu is very pleased during the fast of this Somvati Amavasya. By observing this fast of yours, the pride of the land will be alive. And the son who will be proud of him will be famous in all the three worlds, it is my opinion.
Hearing the words of Shri Bhishmapitamah, Yudhishthira said ‘Lord’! You explain this fast, and you also tell how this fast got fame in the world of death and who did this fast here and what was the result of doing it, I want to hear.
Shri Bhishma started saying to Pitamah – There was a very big city named Kanchi. The name of the king of that city was Ratan Sen. The subjects were happy in his kingdom. A Dev Swami Brahmin lived in Kashi city. Whose woman was very beautiful. Her name was Dhanvati. Devaswami had 7 sons and a girl child, whose parents named Gunavati. When the Brahmin’s sons grew up, they all got married, but Gunavati remained a virgin with the idea of ​​getting a husband equal to her. One day a Brahmin came to the door of the house of Dev Swami and planned for Devaswami’s seven daughters-in-law’s turn- After coming from Bari and marrying her, the Brahmin blessed those women with illicit wealth and good fortune, after this Dhanavati sent Gunavati to that Vipra to give alms, she bowed down to the Brahmin and after receiving alms, Vipra said – You Be religious! After receiving this blessing, Gunavati told her mother that she came to the tour after hearing this and that Maharaj, you have given my daughter-in-law the best blessings. But my daughter has been blessed with the opposite, please explain to me the reason.
The Brahmin said – ‘Goddess! You are an eminent character in the earth, your daughter has been blessed as she deserves. Gunavati will become a widow in the middle of her marriage, so do this as far as it is pious.’
Dhanavati said – Maharaj! If there is a solution for this, then say that the Brahmin said that when the goddess Soma comes to our house, her worship will destroy her legitimacy. That’s why I have blessed the girl by saying ‘You are Dharmavati’.
Dhanvati got worried after hearing this from the Brahmin and started bowing to him again and again. The arrival of the Somas, Maharaj, destroys Vaidyavyya. Who is he. What is his caste? where does she live And when does it come? Vipra said that Soma is the washerwoman of the caste. and lives in Sinhaladweep. When it comes to your house, the quality of virtue will be destroyed.
Saying this the Brahmin left from there. Dhanavati told the whole hall to her sons – Gunavati has been brought up by me and your father with great affection. Now it can be released from validity only after the arrival of Soma. All you messages who are most devoted to the father and obeying the orders of the mother, they took Gunavati with them and brought Soma from Sinhaladweep.
Hearing Dhanvati’s words, her sons said, Mother, you want to send us on a very difficult journey by falling in love with your daughter, there is a wide sea of ​​combinations on the way. Therefore we are unable.
Despite having a son with me, I am childless. Well, how can I see my beloved daughter also praying? Seeing Devaswami full of anger on this matter, his youngest son Shivaswami said, Father, don’t be angry with me, you will not need to go to Sinhaladweep. So I will go there with Gunavati. And I will be free from suffering. Having said this and bowing his head at the feet of his parents, Shivaswami along with his sister Gunavati left for Sinhaladweep. After walking for a few days, those sisters and brothers reached the shore of the sea and there they saw a huge banyan tree, a vulture lived with his family in Khodar. When both Shivaswami and Gunavati stayed under the same tree for a day, when the vulture brought their children and gave them food, they did not eat, on this the vulture asked his children what was the matter. Which you are not eating even though you are hungry. I’m too big to eat you I have brought good quality goods. Hearing this, the vulture’s child replied – Father! Two human beings are staying under this tree. How can we eat without feeding them? Hearing this from his children, the vulture went to Shivaswami and Gunavati and said, brother, whatever work you are doing will be done. So now you eat. After listening to the vulture, both the sisters and brothers ate their food and when they had eaten, the vulture brought them both across the sea. After crossing the sea, reached the house of Vesoma in Sinhaladweep. Waking up every morning, the aunt started sweeping her house. In this way he kept doing it for 1 year. Soma’s son replied, ‘We don’t know’, hearing this answer to his sons, one day Soma sat hiding in the corner at night. And in the morning saw Shivaswami and Gunavati smearing the courtyard. On this he asked them who are you two, Shivaswami told that we are both Brahmins. On this Soma said that being your Brahmin, I was destroyed by hitting my house. How can I get rid of this sin, I am a low caste washerwoman. Why have you accused me of being a good Brahmin? Hearing this, Shivaswami replied, This girl is my sister. We have been told. That after getting married she will become a widow. And if you are near it, then its Vaidyavyya defect will be destroyed. That’s why my sister and I are taking your walk. On this Soma said that after today you do not do this work, I will go with you soon. After this he said to his daughters-in-law that any man dies in this kingdom, you should arrange his corpse in such a way that no one should be able to burn it until I come. Soma’s daughter-in-law said – Very good! After this, she reached the beach with both of them and in a moment crossed both of them from the sea. You crossed the sea through the sky. And then, seeing the influence of Somo, Dhanvati reached Kashipur on seeing it and started welcoming Soma with great reverence and love. After this Shri Swami went to the city of Ujjain to bring a groom for his sister. And from there Dev Sharma brought the Brahmin’s son Rudra Sharma. Gunavati got married to him by Soma. Dev Swami donated his daughter to Rudra Sharma in an auspicious Lagna and Shubh Nakshatra. Dev Swami’s house reverberated with the sound of Veda mantras but Dev Sharma died while Bhanwar was reading. Dev Swami donated his daughter to Rudra Sharma in an auspicious Lagna and Shubh Nakshatra. Dev Swami’s house reverberated with the sound of Veda mantras but Dev Sharma died while Bhanwar was reading. Dev Swami donated his daughter to Rudra Sharma in an auspicious Lagna and Shubh Nakshatra. Dev Swami’s house reverberated with the sound of Veda mantras but Dev Sharma died while Bhanwar was reading.
Seeing him dead, all his relatives started crying loudly. But Soma sat quietly and gave all the fruits of her fast to Dhanvati. Due to giving the fruit of the destroyer of death fast, it fell on Devsharma ji and got up and sat down like this. Like getting up from sleep. In this way, after the marriage ended, Gunavati went with her husband to the city of Ujjain. And after giving the fruits of her fast, Soma also returned to Sinhaladweep with laughter.
Now listen there, all the sons of Soma died, then her husband and son-in-law died. Coming on the way, the Amavasya date of Monday, which brings alive the dead sons of Soma, fell. On the way, I saw an old woman with a bundle of cotton on her head, who was walking away crying. The old lady told him, daughter, take off the load that was placed on my head. Then I’ll go with you too. Soma replied. Mai today is Somvati Amavasya. I do not touch the original oil and cotton on this day. When Soma grew a little further, she saw a peepal tree on the bank of the river. Sitting under that tree, worshiping Lord Vishnu, he took Kankariya and did 108 circumambulation of that tree.
Shri Bhishma Pitamah said to Maharaj Yudhishthira – ‘Rajan! When Soma did 108 Pradakshina, her husband son-in-law and son-in-law got up and the entire Sinhala island became full of Lakshmi. And there was especially joy in his house. When she reached home, she was very happy to see her husband, sons and mother alive. His daughters-in-law bowed down to him and asked him – Mother, after you left, your husband Jamata and son were all dead. How is he alive now? Soma said that I had given the fruit of my fast to Gunavati. Because of that my son, husband and Jamata were all dead. Now when I was returning from Kashipur, the auspicious day of Somvati Amavasya arrived on the way, I worshiped the Peepal tree and took pebbles in my hand and did 108 circumambulation, due to which my husband, son and Jamata were all alive. You should also do this fasting methodically. By this you will get good fortune instead of getting widowhood.
In this way, obeying Soma’s orders, Rameshwar continued to observe the fast. And by the effect of the fast, after enjoying all the luxuries, the sons became united with the sons. And after death, all those sons along with their sons were received by Baikuntha.
Shri Bhishma Pitamah said that when Somvati Amavasya is there then that virtuous call to the deities is also rare. On that day, wake up in the morning and take a bath and wear silk clothes. And by going near the Peepal tree, Lord Vishnu should be worshiped with this mantra in the root of Peepal.
Mantra – ‘Vyaktavyaswaru or the creation – situated.’
“Salute to the end, devoid of the beginning end, salutations to you.”
In this way, worshiping Lord Vishnu with yellow clothes, intact flowers, fruits and food items and worshiping the Peepal tree with this mantra should be done.
Mantra – ‘O shelter of Agni and Govind, Asvaratha, Vriksharaj!
To remove all our sins, worship in this way and take pearls, gold, silver, diamonds and gems in hand and do circumambulation. Then taking Kashi utensils and copper utensils in hand, one should circumambulate Peepal. Until the 108 rounds are completed, one should do Pradakshina, after which all the things should be given to the Brahmin. Then one should eat sattvik food along with the women of the house.
Hey Rajan! This method which I have given to you is many. According to that, you should fast from Draupati Subhadra Utara. From this the womb of the descended will be alive. By listening to this fast of Vishnu, a woman gets husband, son and wealth.