October 26, 2021

Shri Mahalakshmi Vrat Katha Mahatmya.

दीपावली पूजन

It is only known to every Hindu that Shri Mahalakshmiji is the half-fire of Lord Vishnu. The giver of all wealth. Just as Shri Saraswatiji is the presiding deity of knowledge and wisdom, similarly Shri Lakshmi ji is the presiding deity of wealth, wealth, fame, beauty etc. This is the reason that Deepawali is a big festival of Lakshmi Puja. On this day, every householder in the whole country worships Shri Mahalakshmi ji with great love. In some era, this festival was celebrated only by Vaishya people, but now Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras etc. This is the reason that the festival of Lakshmi Puja holds a special place among all the festivals. This holy episode of Bhagwati Lakshmi has been going on in our country for centuries. Which signifies the awakening of every man and woman, from place to place, whether inside or outside, big and big, There is a wave of immense enthusiasm in everyone’s heart, youth and children. Wherever you look on the new moon day, the rows of lamps are seen lit up, as if the stars of the sky are coming on the earth and showing their unique shade.

Diwali Puja

According to the Puranas, on the night of Amavasya, Shri Lakshmi ji wanders from house to house to see who does my recognition with reverence and devotion. Wherever some compatibility is seen, she stays there and with her blessings fills her house with various opulences. Because Laxmiji loves cleanliness and beauty very much, where there is filth, she does not even look there. Lakshmi ji herself says that I always reside in the side of such a person who is beautiful, character, virtuous, patriotic, witty, virtuous, virtuous and forgiving. In the same way, I love those women who are virtuous, who serve their husbands, are virtuous, who are free from strife etc. and are soft-spoken. I never like the house of such a man who is indolent, lazy, atheist, gambler, hostile to the teachers, who does not have devotion in God, sharp-less, weak, Those who are not patient, angry, hypocrites, do not serve saints, those who kill women, slander others. Similarly, I am not happy with women who are lazy, do not worry about the affairs of the householder, work without thinking, walk against the husband, slander, are attached to others, shameless, attached to sinful activities, unfamiliar people. I leave such women who speak harshly, love discord etc. and I curse them to be poor.
Therefore, one should always worship Shri Lakshmi ji according to the law, keeping his thoughts pure. Always keep the house clean, don’t let anything like broken utensils etc remain in the house. Worship her with a true spirit, so that Lakshmi ji is always pleased and continues to bless the worshiper. May there be increase in happiness, prosperity, opulence, wealth, age, son etc.

Aarti of Shri Laxmi ji –

Jai Lakshmi Mata, Jai Jai Lakshmi Mata. Every Vishnu creator serving you every day.

Tek Brahmani Rudrani Kamala you are the Jagmata. The sun moon dhyavat Narada sage sings.

Jai Durga Roop Niranjani, the giver of happiness and wealth. Whoever gives you the best of Riddhi Siddhi wealth.

Jai: You are the Patal Basanti, you are the bestower of auspiciousness. Trata of karma effect publisher Jaganidhi

Jai ji jis house tharo vasa tahi will have virtues. I could not sleep because my heart does not beat.

Jai 0 without you there should not be a yajna, no one gets clothes. The splendor of food does not come without you.

Jai 0 auspicious qualities, beautiful yukta, kheer nidhi goes to gems Chaturdish, no one finds it.

Victory. Whoever sings the aarti of Shri Lakshmi ji. ur zeal is very beautiful and sin goes away.

Jai 0 stable variable creates the world, the male brings good deeds. Your devotee wants the auspicious sight of Maya.

Aarti of Jai Shree Laxmi ji –

Jai Lakshmi Mata Jai ​​Lakshmi Mata. Where is the Adi Shakti to you, Surgana is the meditator.

Jai Kamalal Valini Haripriye Kamale. Jai Lakshmi Vimale including Kaligira.

Indrani Rudrani Brahmani you are the only one who cares for the mother of the whole world.

What do you say about the house where you live? Beautiful buildings are their most jewels.

May you be worshiped from house to house in Mahanisha. Chanting Kamale Haribhamini now take care of me.

My husband, son, Samita Basio, mother, this prayer at home is my acceptance in ur.

A son may be a son but not a mother. Have this thought on me now mother.

No, I know the worship of the text, Mahatari. I am only the shelter of feet.

I do not have knowledge of devotion.”