October 26, 2021

Know the importance of worshiping Sun God on Sunday, worship method of Sunday fast.

रविवार व्रत कथा

Method of fasting on Sunday –
Shantakaram Bhujagasayanam Padmanabham Suresh.

Vishwadharam Gaganasdrisham Meghavarna Shubhangam
Laxmikanta Kamalanayanam Yogabhirdhyanagamyam.
Vande Vishnu Bhavabhayaharan Sarva Lokainatham ||
Shri Laxmi Shankar, Shiv Gori Sharda Vesha.
Shakti Shanti Shubhada Always Sumaru Sukhesh.
One day King Mandhata said to Maharishi Vashistha, “O Lord! O best among the wise! From your mouth there is a desire to listen to the Sunday fast with Papanashan, Sarvakamprad, Sarvoknishak, Puja, Ardhya, Asana, Naivaidya. Please tell us.
Hearing this, Maharishi Vashistha said – O king! On whose rise, Surgans, sages, barons, demons, demons worship and everyone has knowledge, listen carefully to all the lustful, leprosy cures, devotion that pleases Bhanu, giving salvation to the same Sun. All the results obtained by pilgrimage, sacrifice, charity, penance and bathing in the morning, the same is achieved by fasting on Sundays in the twelve months of Aghan etc.
Suryavrata Karishyami Yavadvarso Divakarah.
Vratam completeness yatu tavatsada prabhakar.
Follow the rules of this mantra. Thereafter, after getting up early in the morning, bathing in the pure water of the river and doing Pitra tarpan and worshiping the sun by smearing the holy place, at the same place, make twelve parties of lotuses made of red sandalwood on a copper plate. Then worship Deenanath Sureeshwar Devta by placing it on the lotus formed on the ground. In twelve months, worshiping should be done by remembering the following names of twelve suns. Listen to the separate rituals of Ardhya Nevaidya and Asana for those twelve months – In Aghan-Aghan, offer Ardhya
with coconut and rice with ghee and jaggery after worshiping Pitras. Eat three Tulsi leaves and give food to a Brahmin with dakshina.
After worshiping Lord Vishnu in Paush-Paush, after offering Naivedya of Khichdi and Arghya of Jambhiri Teebu, eat ghee for three seconds and give food along with ghee to the Brahmin. After worshiping the sun named Varuna in Magh-Magh, give khichdi, ghee, sesame and jaggery food to the Brahmin and give dakshina.
Offering banana fruit as naivedya, eat three handfuls of sesame seeds.
After worshiping the Sun in Phagun-Phagun,
after giving Ardhya with Jambhori lemon, after eating curd for three moments, donate rice with ghee in Naivedya, and give the same food to the Brahmin.

sunday fast worship

After worshiping Bhanu in Chait-Chait, offer fast food to the brahmin, offering food for fasting, Ardhya from pomegranate and drinking milk for three seconds along with dakshina.
Baishakh – In the month of Vaishakh, offer prayers to the sun named Tapan, and offer arghya of naivedya vine fruit from the condensed Magh along with cow dung seat and Ghrita or Dakshina. The
eldest of urad – In the eldest month, worship Indra with curd, offer naivedya of sattu and arghya with mango and give food of curd rice to a Brahmin after drinking three chullu waters. After worshiping the Sun in Ashadh, after giving the food of Chiud to the Brahmin, fast after eating three chilies.
In the month of Shravan, worship the Garbhastaman, offer Arghya to the fruit of the tree and eat three fistfuls of sattu and give food to the Brahmin along with dakshina.
In Bhadon-Bhadon, offer food to the Brahmin after worshiping the sun named Yama, drinking Kumhra Ghee, rice, Naivedya and drinking cow urine.
Ashwin (Kwar) – Worship the sun named Hiranyeta in the month of Ashwin.
Karthik – In the month of Kartik, worship the sun named Divakar and offer banana fruit and kheer to Naivedya and eat kheer.
In this way, end the fast and do Udyapan. Go to Guru’s house and bow at his feet and say that I will do Udyapan. Come to my house Having said this, make an idol of the Sun with a whole lot of gold and set up a urn without holes with five rattan, put a copper vessel full of rice on it and cover it with a red cloth and garland it with a flower garland. After bathing with Panchamrit before the fire, worship with sandalwood safflower and various types of flowers and give good silk clothes, kamandal and shoes. Put three bardhanis near Shiva and give two clothes for the purpose of noun. Worship the Sun with twelve names (Letters) Vishnu Varun, Surya, Bhanu Tapan, Indra, Ravi, Garbhastaman Yama, Hiranyerta, Dinkar) Worship the Sun with twelve names per letter of lotus Give the study of coconut.
Namasah Kiran omnipresent destruction.
Grihanarghyam maya dattam sangya sahito rase..
Resolve to worship Aarti by giving Ardhya with this mantra. Behind the resolution, do Shradh for the Sun, and after feeding twelve Brahmins with sweets with dakshina, give the ultimate related food to men and women, and worship them with a garland, give all the material to the guru. Then, after satisfying the guru, immerse the brahmins and pray.
Mantrahinam kriyahinam bhaktihinam tu yatkratam tatsarva completeness yatu bhumideva prasadatah.
In this way, while praying, go after him for some time, then after saluting Moong Dev, eat food with the elderly and brothers. Whoever observes this fast according to their wealth, listen to their merits.
A Brahmin gets education, a Kshatriya kingdom, worldly knowledge and a Shudra gets happiness, a son gets a son, a virgin girl gets a husband. One is freed from diseases and from bondage. Whatever he wishes for, he gets it. Whoever listens to this fast with devotion, he gets all the works from the offerings of the sun. Skand ji said –
Aaditya fasting takes place on the Sundays of the months of Kwar etc., by doing that one gets all the fruits, now I tell him the story in a nutshell. , listen carefully.
Story –
When Lord Shri Krishnachandraji Maharaj left Madhura and got the entire Dwarka Puri full of rare richness built on the sea level, Maharishi Durgasa grew anxious to see him. They reached Dwarka Puri. When Lord Shri Krishnachandra Ji Maharaj got the message of his good fortune, he himself came out of the city to welcome him and took him with him to his palace and worshiped him with aadhya, pada basan and food. When Maharishi Durvasa and Lord Shri Krishnachandra ji Maharaj were talking to each other after the meal, Lord’s son Gramya came and made fun of Maharishi Durvasa.
Due to this Maharishi Durvasa got very angry but because of Lord Shri Krishna Chandra Ji Maharaj, he could not say anything to him. After walking from here, Maharishi told the whole story to the sage Narad – ‘Dev Rishi. When you go to Prabhash Kshetra then give alms to Samba.
After this Dev Rishi Narad went to Dwarka and Lord Shri Krishnachandra Ji Maharaj showed him an army full of elephants, horses and chariots. Seeing the army, Devrishi Narad said – there is no samba in this army. Saying this Narad ji said- I will bring Samba from Dwarkavati very soon. Having said this, Narad ji brought the beautiful Jambavati Sut Samba, beautiful like Kamadeva, with makeup. Seeing Samba, all the queens of very beautiful Lord Shri Krishnachandra Ji Maharaj started kissing each other.
Lord Shri Krishna Chandra Ji Maharaj said to Narad ji – This samba is a very evil character.
Hearing the words of Devrishi Narad, Lord Shri Krishna Chandra Ji Maharaj, filled with anger, cursed Samba – ‘H Naradham Samba. You become leprosy and only after the advice of Shri Krishna Chandra Ji Maharaj, Samba got leprosy.
Samba again asked Lord Shri Krishna Chandra Ji Maharaj – Lord! For what reason have you cursed me?’
After listening to Samba, Lord Shri Krishna Chandra Ji Maharaj, considering his power and knowledge, said – The reason for this curse is the absence of Durvasa Rishi. Now we have mercy on you. You fast on the leprosy sun.’
Hearing this, Samba said- ‘How is this all fruitful fasting done? Tell me its Vidhan Mantra, charity, and worship.
Lord Shri Krishna Chandra Ji Maharaj said – When it is a Sunday in the month of Kwar, men and women should observe this fast for a whole year. Make a circle in the earth with cow dung and offer red flowers and red Akshat to the sun with the following mantra.
Mantra –
Bimla Sarvassurya Bhaskar Bhanubhih as soon as possible.
And Shasmaphalan Maha Kuru Nityam Mamarthah.
In this way, after worshiping till the whole year is not completed, do Udyap in the end. Make a circle of blood sandalwood or saffron in the soil coated with cow dung. Make a lotus of bard party in its box and fill it with vermilion and worship it with green incense and flowers. In its bouche, place a urn full of rice with Bavalankursandim, a urn filled with sugar and sandalwood, and make a Padmahasva idol of gold according to the power of the bachapatra house and keep it dressed in two clothes. After this, after taking Panchamrit bath, worship the lord of the world with the following twelve names with red flowers, naivedya, kalodbhava fruit, milk, lamp –
Suryay Namah Varunaya Namah Madhavay Namah Dhotre Namah Hansay Namah Bhagaya Namah Suvanretse Tamah Atraye Namah Divakarai Namah Khapvay Namah Bhatwe With salutation to Om .
After worshiping the sun with these twelve balms, pray with the following mantra

Mantra –
Namo namah papvinashnay vishwatmane saptarangamay.

samayanjuimitidhevidhe tarmagavdhipotaya namasavitre.
And give the study after the prayer. In this way, after worshiping Bhanu, eat food after dying in the night and after worshiping Acharya’s clothes with abhabha and sleeping and give this mantra to that idol.
Mantra –
Probantam Bhagwan Devo Bomb Sansar Tarak.
Then feed twelve brahmins with different types of food. Give as much dakshina as you can by giving the Kalash. The person who performs this excellent Ashaaditya Vrat well, attains great merit and attains great merit and attains the perfect harmony of child and grandson. Surya-Sayujya is attained in the end by enjoying the rare pleasures of the deities. One who attains supreme wisdom is free from leprosy. It is never broken. Because of this, O son! You also do this fast.
Samba did the same and his leprosy was cured from the root.