October 26, 2021

Birth of Shri Jwalamukhi Devi, History of Jwalamukhi Temple.

ज्वालामुखी माता

Importance of Jwalamukhi Devi Shrine Our mythological texts say that Jwalamukhi Tirtha is such a strange and unique pilgrimage. The mere sight of which removes heat and sins. Desires are fulfilled, spoiled works are proved, the patient becomes disease free and the poor becomes rich and wealthy. He who is captive is freed from bondage.
“Volcano Goddess” is the name of Shiva Shakti, she can strike everything when she is happy and satisfied. Shiva is also capable of being created by being full of power, and if he is without divine power, then he cannot even do self-sacrifice, that is why Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma also worship him.
Volcano Goddess of origin There is such a legend that in Daksha Yagya, Lord Shiva, holding the body of Sati on his shoulder, started traveling around the world after being vimana. And due to this reason a strange situation arose in the world, then Lord Vishnu cut the body parts of Sati with a wheel and dropped them on the ground – the place where the parts of Sati fell there – the most revered Siddha place of the Shakti sect, Savit Peeth. Have become.
The places where the upper part of the body of Sati fell for the worship of the Dakshina Marga and the places where the lower parts of the cut fell are considered to be the special fruits of the worship of the Vammarga.
It is said that the place where Mahajiva of Bhagwati Sati had fallen is the main Shaktipeeth of Goddess Jwalamukhi. There the devotees have seen with their own eyes that even today the flames of neglect, retaliation and reaction are rising in the sky towards the sky. The ancient history is that the place where the temple has been built today was built by Emperor Bhumichandra in Satyuga. There is a similar incident in Mahabharata that Pancha Pandavas had visited Jwalamukhi Devi temple and got the temple renovated. Mother’s temple is more recognized, everyone worships her with devotion.
There is no shortage of exceptions and opposition, but Mother Shri Jwalamukhi Devi had made everyone’s exception and opposition powerless and false with her miracle and brilliance.
History of Jwalamukhi Devi TempleMany tales and stories are scattered about Shri Jwalamukhi Temple, its construction period is not considered to be historically proven. Such legends are prevalent which are being accepted under the influence of religion forgiveness and loyalty. The story of Emperor Bhumichandra of Satyug also throws light on it, it is said that he himself had built this temple. At the behest of a cowherd, a divine light is erupting at a holy and beautiful place in Dhaulagiri, it is coming out of the ground and going towards the sky. When the king went to that place and saw it, the cowherd’s words turned out to be true, he saw that a bright light was continuously coming out at a constant speed.
Similarly, there is a folk tale and famous scholar Bhagat Gupta says that a farmer used to come there to graze his cows in the Sangan forest around Dhaulagiri, but he was very worried. The reason for concern was that its Kapila cow did not give milk at the time of milking, where its milk was not known from the udders. Not even a drop came out. One day the farmer the cowherd followed the cow and kept walking with it with curiosity as to who is the person who takes out all the milk from my cow. Jigyasa disturbed him so much that he found a thief who drinks milk, he saw that a beautiful girl first calls the cow and worships, then drinks all the holy milk of Thano. He tried to capture that divine girl but she could not be caught, she disappeared, disappeared, disappeared and a holy light was seen flowing at that place. The same flame turned into the room of the eternal flame and the same mother Jwalamukhi Devi It is built and sits in the room of the huge and beautiful temple. It is said that Dhuma is the form of Devi, who is the supreme power of Shiva and Jagdamba, who was incarnated to kill the evil demons. The mere sight of whom sins are cut away and desires are fulfilled.
Route Introduction – This place is located in district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh, travelers coming from district Hoshiarpur in Punjab state reach Gopipura Dera via Gagret Bharwai and Chintpurni. The holy shrine of Jwalamukhi Devi is situated at a distance of about 20 kms from Dera. The bus route from Hoshiarpur to Jwalaji is approx 3 hours. Travelers can also reach Jwalamukhi from Pathankot via Kangra.
The bus route from Pathankot to Kangra is about 3 hours and from Kangra to Jwalamukhi about two hours. Buses are available with convenience. Bus service is available from Kangra to Jwalaji after every half hour.