October 26, 2021

Scientists experiment in Jwalamukhi temple.

वैज्ञानिक प्रयोग

Today’s era is of science. Even if no scholar considers anything without seeing it, he definitely analyzes it. Want to see the reality of the temple being vandalized. He always opposes the path of fiction and supernaturalism, saying that it is hypocrisy, it is a lie. It’s a hoax. He did not accept this reference, the flames of fire are coming out from the earth equally.

This flame does not dim even for a single clock. During the British, it was tested by the pundits of science. One of his gang came to the Jwalamukhi temple and dug the earth all around and saw from where the flame is coming, whether it is a gas or a flame. Even after excavation, that flame did not extinguish, it continued to burn. Then they believed that there was some divine miracle. After investigation and curiosity, he had to accept that it was not a stream of fire. This is the real Jagdamba Jwalamukhi Devi. Whose glory is immense, whether it is Chandi or Durga is Sarvamangala Devi. This place is also a Shaktipeeth. Whose dominion is indescribable and limitless.
We cannot take away its dignity and glory in any way. He also saw the flame of Jwalamukhi and worshiped with love in the year of devotion.
Blessed is this Shaktipeeth temple of Jwala Mata whose light never fades. Translated continues to sparkle. Thousands and lakhs of census (people) flock here and have darshan. All the diseases of the body are destroyed by seeing the Goddess Jwalamukhi. He who does not have a child gets a child. Unmarried gets married. One who studies in bondage becomes free from bondage. One gets the merit of all the four dhams. Salvation is easily attained. The person who is implicated in the trial. By worshiping the mother, he gets victory in the case. Hindus say, Muslims also accept the words of the mother. Put on clothes. Make a wish. It is said that Shri Jwalamukhi Devi is the goddess who is pleased with everyone. By taking refuge in him, the mind becomes free from worry. Tasks are completed and there is an easy way to cross the ocean of the universe.