October 26, 2021

Unique benefits of eating banana, why banana is important in our life.


Banana is one such fruit which is easily available at all places in any season. Eating bananas daily has so many benefits for our body that you would not even have imagined in life. Doctors also recommend it to eat bananas daily. Banana is very cheap as compared to other fruits which one can easily buy. If you consume bananas daily then you can avoid many diseases in your daily life. Many benefits have been told by eating banana in Ayurveda too. Which keeps our body fit and strong. By eating banana, our body gets instant power. Those with weak physical body, after eating food every day, eating two or three bananas removes the physical weakness of their body. And the weight of the body increases and makes the body strong.
If a person has weak physical sexual power, then after eating food in the evening, after consuming ghee with two bananas, the sexual power of his body goes away. And if your morning breakfast is missed due to delay (college, office), then you can go out after eating banana, it fills the stomach quickly. Because eating banana gives energy and there is a lot of carbohydrate in banana, due to which we do not feel hungry soon.
If you are very worried about your obesity and you want to reduce your increasing weight. Because of which your fat is spoiling your beauty and due to weight gain, you are also facing many diseases. So every morning you eat two bananas and drink hot water after doing yoga for half an hour or an hour, your weight will reduce significantly. And the beauty of your body will come back in just a few days or months. If you do this remedy daily in the morning. Bananas are rich in fiber, calcium, thiamine, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin-C, etc. Whose benefits are as follows –
(1) – Eating banana increases hemoglobin in our body and eating banana cures anemia patients.
(2) –Banana strengthens the bones of the body because bananas contain probiotic bacteria that act to absorb calcium from food.
(3)- By eating banana, the mental condition of the body is good and by consuming banana, the blood pressure of our body is also fine.
(4) – By eating it daily, there is no problem like cold and cold.
(5) – Banana maintains energy in the body. Due to which our body becomes strong.
(6) – Eating bananas regularly helps a lot in working cholesterol too.
(7) – Due to weakness in our body, we are not able to do any work in our life in a good way.

(8) – Eating milk and banana on an empty stomach daily increases the strength of the body and also removes problems like fatigue, insomnia etc.
For this reason, we should consume such foods in our life so that any kind of disease does not come near in our body.
(Please note – this is our conclusion only, consult a doctor for more details.)