October 26, 2021

Benefits of eating guava, why guava is important for everyone.


Guava is one such fruit which is very beneficial for health. It is available in the market at very low rates. And it is easily available in any season. Guava is very tasty to eat and physical development is also very good by eating guava, it contains vitamin-C in sufficient quantity. Which is very beneficial in diseases. Doctors also recommend eating it in illness. Many benefits of eating it have been told in Ayurveda too. Guava is useful in diseases like a panacea.
Various types of nutrients are found in guava. Like – Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Iron, Calcium etc. Nutrients are found. Which play a very important role for our body development.
Following are the benefits of eating guava –
(1) – Eating guava increases the digestive power of the body and strengthens the lungs.
(2) – By eating guava roasted on flame, chronic cough is cured and the stool accumulated in the stomach gets cleared.
(3) – By eating guava, boils and pimples also stop coming out.
(4) – Calcium is found in abundance in guava, due to which eating guava daily strengthens the bones.
(5) – To remove the swelling in the stomach, taking guava for 2 to 3 weeks cures the swelling of the stomach.
(6) – Eating guava cures the weakness of the eyes and removes the possibility of cataract formation in the eyes.
(7) – It reduces the amount of sugar and is very beneficial for diabetic patients.
(8) – Guava is very beneficial in severe diseases like constipation.
(9) – Eating guava strengthens the body’s immunity. Which protects the body from various diseases.
(10) – By eating guava with black salt, all the worms of the stomach come out and bile also cures problems like constipation.
(11) – Eating guava makes both teeth and gums strong.
(12) – By applying guava juice on the wounds of the body, they get filled quickly.
(13) – By consuming guava, it clears wrinkles and freckles on the face and also cures swelling and dark circles on the eyes.
(14) – By drinking guava thick, the problem of piles in the body parts gets cured in a few months.
(15) – Eating guava controls body weight and cures mental diseases.
(16) – Guava is a boon for the elderly. By eating this, their stomach gets cleared quickly and also removes the calcium deficiency in the knees quickly.
(Please note – this is our conclusion only, consult a doctor for more details.)